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Larger the quantity, cheaper the price!! Description:Made of strong Plastic carbon fiber compositesTwo way measurement, internal and externalLinear capacitive measuring systemZero setting in any positionWith easy to read large LCD displayMinimum scale to read is / 0.01 inchAn ideal tool for ..
Product Detailsouter dia:48mm inner dia:11mm thickness:20mm supplied in re-sealable plastic bag..
Outer dia of wheel: 65mm Width of wheel: 28mmBrass fitting suits 4mm shaft.Supplied in re-sealable plastic bag with cardboard header.Color: yellow..
This powerful motor has 2 different gearbox options:And it used with Neodymium iron boron magnet,this motor is more power than the other motors. 75:1 gearbox motor (RS003A)The gears are all steel and the outputshaft is 4mm dia.Voltage=6V (7.5V max), no load current=350mA, stall current=3.4A, stall ..
Doodle robot Applications:1.Science Museum, Science Museum of Science and Technology Festival robot performances2 School Anniversary (Anniversary)3 technological innovation activities and training4 Robot Exhibition5 School Robotics Laboratory6 hosting centers Robotics counseling, robot technology h..
Product parameters: 1. System support: Windows/ Linux/ Openwrt;2. Standard pixels: 300,000 pixels (480P resolution);3. Output format: YUYV;4. Focus mode: manually adjust the focus;5. Rotation angle: 360° free rotation;6. Connection method: USB2.0 line plug;7. Size: 110*65mm;8. Weight: 53g...
Product parametersSize: 20*15*25mmShaft length: 8mmShaft diameter: 2mmLength: 38mmWidth: 20mmHeight: 15mmVoltage: 1-6VReference current: 0.35-0.4A3V speed: 17000-18000 revolutions/min..
Tutorial link: Trainer Kit:As with most of our Arduino based products, this kit is also best suited for kids 12+ that are just learning about electronics and programm..
 Product Detailsouter dia:62mminner dia:16.5mmthickness:45mmsupplied in re-sealable plastic bag..
These boards could be clipped together (hole on one side, tab on other)Item Description: Brand new and high quality.Mini Solderless Breadboard1 Terminal StripTie-point 170ABS plastic materialCompletely reusableColoured coordinates for easy component placementPhosphor bronze nickel plated spring cl..
T'REX TANK:We now have a new robot chassis, the T'REX TANK.This is another "all metal" robot chassis designed for the T'REX robot controller.This chassis has a much higher ground clearance than most other tank chassis's making it ideal for the roughest terrain.Introduction: The T’REX TANK i..
Thanks for purchasing our mini 6 feet / 2 robot, designed for beginners and younger students to design , through which the product can learn assembly and programming robots.Product Features:Compatible with Arduino, supporting a USB download cable , you can easily download the program .· Infrared se..
Parameters:Fixed hole position: 4mmFixed hole center distance: 40mmWheel body height: 20mmBull's eye ball diameter: 15mmBull's eye ball protrusion height: 4mmSlide the small steel ball number: 40Universal wheel total weight: 37GThe maximum load: 15KG..
Motor :48V DC brushless motorWorking temperature :-20 ° C to 60 ° CRated power:880W * 2Rated torque:36NMRunning speed:0 to 1.6 m / sMaximum obstacle clearance:220 mmMaximum climbing:40 degrees (can climb the stairs)size Dimensions:1020 * 730 * 440 mmThe size of the inside :600 * 320 * 240 mmChass..
Product description:This tank chassis is a new product just launched. The new aluminum alloy frame structrue is beautiful and firm and stable.It adopts dual motors (the motor is with speed feedback circuit,Hall speed measurement) driven by power, strong power, fast and smooth operation, and high st..
Parameters :Fixed hole position: 5mmFixed hole center distance: 55mmRound total height: 30mmBull's eye ball diameter: 24mmBull's eye ball protrusion height: 9mmSlide the small steel ball number: 120Universal wheel total weight: 120gThe maximum load: 50KG..
External two AA alkaline batteries, capable of use for above 10 hrs continuously.Support multi-loop signal, simultaneous control, no mutual interference (max accommodating 20 sets of handles)Support DIGITAL & ANALOG mode, operation distance in 8m up to 10m maximum, with double vibration motor, exce..
Product Detailsouter dia:40mm inner dia:8mm thickness:30mm This hub can be pluged into DG01D & DG02S, no extra hub needed...
Each kit comes in a colour printed box with English instruction manual and software on CD. Programming cable supplied separately. Features:Detailed assembly manual, screwdriver and spanner included.Quality aluminium chassis with clear acrylic body panels and rubber tires.Gear box can be assembled ..
Product paremeters:Material: Aluminum AlloySurface treatment: sandblast oxidationColor: silver or goldTrack: Engineering PlasticsMotor: 9V motor with encoderSize: about 550*280*110mm (length * width * height)Weight: 3.8kg ..
Introduction:This is a newly designed for four-wheeled vehicle chassis. Unlike the ordinary four-wheel drive, this vehicle adopts rear-wheel drive and front seering mechanism to realize the forward, backward and left-right turning of the car...
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