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ISP downloader (Robot programming design tools):Change 10 pin to 6 pin with USB . Used for AVR controller or arduino controller...
Product parameters:Nozzle diameter:0.4mm/0.8mm/1.0mmForming size: 500*400*600mmPacking size: 1015*940*1340mmLayer thickness: 0.05-0.30mmPrinting speed: 10-120mm/sPlatform material: Black Diamond PlatformSupporting file format: STL, OBJ, G-CodeSupporting material: PLA, ABS,etc.Machine weight: 96.78k..
Condition:Brand New.This Is A New Manual Push Drill.Spiral Hand Push DrillDescription:Mini Drill Twist Spiral Jewelry Craft Tool!To Use Just Move The Center Piece Up And Down.This Is An Inexpensive Way To Add Proficiency And Flexibility To Your Craft Or Jewelry ToolCollection Or Even Do Those Fun N..
Wires,20cm. female-male,1p(pack) 1 pack=100pcs If no special requirements,the color will be picked randomly...
Name: two-wheeled self-balancing trolley frameMaterial : JGA25-371 all-metal motor , super wear-resistant rubber tires 65MM , 3MM aluminum bodyDelivery Checklist : Home balanced picture from a set of carNote: The product is not manned  . Please test the motor by electrifying , and do not use brute f..
MCU: ATmega8A, Frequency: 16MHZInput voltage range: 5.4V ~ 9VLow dropout voltage: 250mV @ 500mA, 450mV @ 1AOnboard high-performance dual 2A independent MOSFET H-bridge motor driverAn external PWM control signalBluetooth module interface (standard Otani Electronics Bluetooth module) can be used wit..
This kit include  robot chassis ,S4A EDU controllerUltrasonic module,encoder kit and PS2 remote...
Suggested Voltage:4.5V DC No load Speed:140rpm No Load Current:190mA(max.250mA) min Size:20*20*64 There gear motors, 130 model, 140 model, 260 model, 280 model and many other micro-motors, please consult contact!Use: There are scientific electronic products, electric robot body typ..
1.customized ultra quiet high-speed built-in fan motor2.the base uses the jet anode oxidation treatment;3, using the European standard aluminum T type inner groove;4, the swing arm embedded into the hole;5, spindle box, Ma Daxiang, a hand wheel, a gear, small slider, long slide, connecting block, t..
Product parameters:XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.013mmZ axi positioning accuracy: 0.003mmPrinting size: 240*220*200mmPrinting layer thickness: 0.05-0.3mmNozzle diameter: 0.4mmPrinting method: USB or U disk offline printingConsumable type: PLA, ABS, TPU, etc.Consumable preference: PLAConsumable di..
Wires,20cm. male-male,1p(pack) 1 pack=100pcs If no special requirements,the color will be picked randomly. ..
The arc shape of bicycle wheel is antique and fashionable,It ignites the desire of the creator and its free application in many fieldsWheel diameter: 66mmWheel thickness: 6mmCompatible with these interfaces:TT motor interfaceN20 motor( Φ 3, D-axis)20T (SG90 steering gear)Lego spider25T (995/996 stee..
This gripper made from 3mm thick aluminium, with 6 servos.Comes pre-assembled in a plastic bag...
The micro Magician robot controller is the perfect choice for small/low voltage robot projects.It can be programmed using a USB cable and the Arduino IDE, which is free from the internet.The controller comes with the LillyPad(168) bootloader. Each unit comes pre-assembled and tested. Supplied in an..
1.You can use the 1~6MM chuck ,or use various grinding tools;2. All metal structure, special metal micro machine tool;3.Custom coupling joint with fixed auxiliary hole;4.Suitable for various processing range; 5.Processing materials: wood, integrated circuit board, organic glass, soft metal etc....
Power supply 3~5V;Anti-light interference;White LED, can control bright and off;Detects the color of non-illuminating objects;The best detection distance is 1cm...
1. Printing technology: Melt Stacking (FDM);2. Fully enclosed chassis, stable and safe, beautiful and stylish;3. Forming size: ≥240*220*200mm;4. Forming platform material: Aluminum plate heating platform, heating temperature ≥ 110 degrees; magnetic suction structure, easy to remove the model;5. For..
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