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Intelligent robot manipulator arm for large torque with digital steering gear Intelligent robot manipulator arm for large torque with digital steering gear
2-3 Days
Product parameter:Material: Hard aluminum alloyMaximum opening distance:230mmProduct size:136*57*60mmProduct weight:190g(Including servo)Product list:Mechanical Claw with servo (Assembled)*1Screw accessory kit*1..
2 DOF Servo Pan Tilt Bracket KitThis 2 degree of freedom small servo bracket is a small platform with high cost performance. It can make two degree of freedom movement in horizontal and vertical directions. It is convenient to install a mini camera, which can realize image monitoring, image recogiti..
This gripper made from 3mm thick aluminium, with 6 servos.Comes pre-assembled in a plastic bag...
Arm length: 21cm2 servos: RA001B(S06NF STD servo) 1pc +RA001C (S05NF STDservo) 1PC..
Arm length: 13cmwith MK IIrobotic claw2 servos: RA001C (S05NF STD) 2pcs..
One, three-degree-of-freedom paw with servo protection & cushioning device2, short U PTZ bracket 13,3KG metal tooth steering gear 14, 13KG metal tooth steering gear 25, metal rudder 3!6, send a small wrench! !..
Servo robot , by definition, is composed of six servo motor-driven robotic arm . Since it is the arm , then there a few joints, we can think of , our human arm, in addition to the shoulder , elbow, wrist joints outside of these three , plus the finger joints , there are a lot of joints . I believe ..
The 7-degree-of-freedom robotic arm model can flexibly control the movement and grabbing of the robot arm through the WiFi control unit. Robot arm 7 degrees of freedom manipulator, 7 degrees of freedom manipulator, all metal arm, bottom joints are used metal gear steering gear MG996R, intensity, bea..
Product Details: The manipulator is a part of the movement that imitates the human hand, and according to a given procedure, trajectory, and requirements, an auto matic mechanical device that automatically grassps, carries, or operates. The use of robots in production can increase the level of produ..
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