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Robot Kit

Robot Kit
TT gear motor: reduciton ratio 1:220, single side, double male lead;Battery holder: 2*AAA, red and black double female lead 15cm;Toggle switches: wire 10cm, female-male​Screwdriver..
(1) body parametersHeight: 365mm;Weight: about 1.68KG (with battery);Joint: A total of 17 joint; head: one degree of freedom, arms six degrees of freedom, the legs 10 degrees of freedom;Load new robot dedicated 24-channel high-end digital servos and robot controllers, with special lithium polymer r..
Product parameters:XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.013mmZ axi positioning accuracy: 0.003mmPrinting size: 240*220*200mmPrinting layer thickness: 0.05-0.3mmNozzle diameter: 0.4mmPrinting method: USB or U disk offline printingConsumable type: PLA, ABS, TPU, etc.Consumable preference: PLAConsumable di..
Support 3D printer teaching materialsDiameter: 1.75mmSpecifications: 0.6kg/volumeDensity: 1.24g/cm3Melt index: 5g/10min(190℃/2.16kg) or betterTensile strength is at least 65MpaBending strength is at least 87Mpa1 year warrantySafety specifications provide effective safety inspection report copies wi..
Kit Includs:1 HD USB camera, 1 wireless router, 1 2 DOF pan tilt. Dimension: wireless router:5.7cm*5.7cm,Camera and pan tilt: 11cm*8cm*6cm Wireless router◆ Stable version of openwrt,High-speed wifi vedio transmission.◆ UART control signal output.◆ High gain antenna, amplifying signal◆ 150Mbps, 11..
IntroductionScamper is an omni-wheel based robot kit designed for students and hobbyist. The kitcomes in a high quality case and includes all parts and tools needed to make a linefollowing or maze solving robot. No soldering or programming is required.Features Pre-programmed ComMotion controller...
Doodle Bot kit ROHS Doodle Bot kit ROHS
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Doodle robot Applications:1.Science Museum, Science Museum of Science and Technology Festival robot performances2 School Anniversary (Anniversary)3 technological innovation activities and training4 Robot Exhibition5 School Robotics Laboratory6 hosting centers Robotics counseling, robot technology h..
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Tutorial link: Trainer Kit:As with most of our Arduino based products, this kit is also best suited for kids 12+ that are just learning about electronics and programm..
Thanks for purchasing our mini 6 feet / 2 robot, designed for beginners and younger students to design , through which the product can learn assembly and programming robots.Product Features:Compatible with Arduino, supporting a USB download cable , you can easily download the program .· Infrared se..
Product DetailsSolar biped robot, is super interesting, but also suitable for children over 3 years old with their parents by working robot kits, this product comes standard with a solar panel, the assembly is completed, there is sunlight, you can walk again! Meanwhile, the product is characterized ..
Each kit comes in a colour printed box with English instruction manual and software on CD. Programming cable supplied separately. Features:Detailed assembly manual, screwdriver and spanner included.Quality aluminium chassis with clear acrylic body panels and rubber tires.Gear box can be assembled ..
Mr.General is a general purpose robotic platform that uses a bread board to work with almost any processor.An IR compound eye mounted on a pan/tilt assembly can be used to track moving objects or as a simple range finder.IR sensors on the corners can detect obstacles or edges. Continuous rotation s..
The caterpillar is a fuly autonomous robot and uses 8 miniature servos to move just like a real caterpillar.This robot uses 3 antenna and an optional sharp GP2D12 IR range finder to avoid obstacles.Tilt sensors allow the robot to self right if it falls over.An IR receiver allows it to be controlled..
Introduction:There is a 16mm wide black reack on the white ground. Our track car can run automatically along the black track. No matter how curved the track is, the car can be driven automatically. We all know that when the light source hits a white obect and a black object, the light reflectance ..
Magnetic servo clutches protect the servos from stripped gears.Simple sample code for Arduino compatible controllers allows the chassis to be driven in any direction using common TV remotes.Each kit comes in a colour printed box with English instruction manual and software on CD. Programming cable..
Overview:Quick DetailsPlace of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:AiconnectingModel Number:RS041Product Name:robot kit aluminum chassisMaterial:aluminumColor:Red/Blue/PurpleApplication:educational ProjectPacking included :1 × robot platform 2 × Reduction gear motor,  ratio:1:48, No-load rotating spe..
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