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3D DIY wooden kit

TT gear motor: reduciton ratio 1:220, single side, double male lead;Battery holder: 2*AAA, red and black double female lead 15cm;Toggle switches: wire 10cm, female-male​Screwdriver..
Including:4*DC gear motor4*wheels1*4AA battery holder4*20 line tachometer encoder8*Fastener1*3D assembly drawings1*Several pillars screw nut1*boxonly the above package content, other products are not included...
New Avoidance tracking Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box 4WD Ultrasonic module kitAre in the form of car spare parts delivery (easy to transport), with 3D installation drawings, get the hand in accordance with the drawings can be installed as long as ten minutes to complete..
Parameters:Diameter: 125mm;Height: 60mm;Wheel diameter: 44mm;Motor parameters: Diameter: 12mm;Body without shaft length: 26mm;Output shaft length: 10mm;Voltage working range: DC1.5V-12.0VOmni wheel parameters: Weight: 25g;Steel ball diameter: 15mm;Height: 20mm..
This useless box is the wooden version.Every time you press the switch, this box will open automationcally.This kits include assemble instruction and tools.You can enjoy the process when you assemble...
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