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This compact PCB is just 95mm x 70mm (3.75inch x 2.75inch) and is a perfect companion for the Spider robot controller.These outputs are suitable for interrupt generation and high resolution speed control.The mixing circuit takes the 8 inputs of the 4 quadrature encoders and generates 4 outputs. As ..
This powerful motor has 2 different gearbox options: And it used with Neodymium iron boron magnet,this motor is more power than the other motors. 75:1 gearbox motor (RS003A)The gears are all steel and the outputshaft is 4mm dia.Voltage=6V (7.5V max), no load current=350mA, stall current=3.4A, stall..
Multi chassis_4WD KIT(basic version) ROHS Multi chassis_4WD KIT(basic version) ROHS
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4-Wheel robot chassis: a high-performance kit you assemble yourselfThis is the "basic"version of the Dagu mobile robot chassis, which doesn't mean it's lacking in terms of performance! It consists of an aluminium frame that's as robust as it is light, 4pcs 48:1 gearmotors with a plastic shaft and a ..
$30.00 $59.99
Omni wheel steel ball+plastic house (23*13mm)Weight:21.2gSupplied in re-sealable plastic bag with cardboard header..
Servo robot , by definition, is composed of six servo motor-driven robotic arm . Since it is the arm , then there a few joints, we can think of , our human arm, in addition to the shoulder , elbow, wrist joints outside of these three , plus the finger joints , there are a lot of joints . I believe ..
Features:Input voltage 3.3v ~ 6v, module with 3V LDO voltage regulatorSupport AT command set the baud rate, name, pair passwordSearch and pairing automatically when the power upPower, link status indicator4pin  2.54 Pitch status indicatorNote:The default communication baud rate is 9600, matchin..
This powerful motor has 2 different gearbox options:And it used with Neodymium iron boron magnet,this motor is more power than the other motors. 75:1 gearbox motor (RS003A)The gears are all steel and the outputshaft is 4mm dia.Voltage=6V (7.5V max), no load current=350mA, stall current=3.4A, stall ..
Multi chassis_Tank chassis (standard version) ROHS Multi chassis_Tank chassis (standard version) ROHS
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Dagu mobile robot chassis: transform your robot into a tank!The standard version of the tank chassis consists of a compact robotics platform equipped with a very robust aluminium frame for safely carrying out numerous different exploration activities.The DG012-SV chassis is different from the DG012-..
$35.00 $73.60
Used to fit the all terrain wheels to the 4mm shafts of our geared motors RS003A and RS003B.These brass fittings are nickel plated and come with stainless steel screws.  Comes pre-assembled in a plastic bag with printed cardboard header.English instructions and schematic diagram included...
padkage: 100pcs/bag100pcs=25pcs*6mm+25pcs*8mm+25pcs*10mm+25pcs*12mmSpecification:M2 ..
The request of our customers we have now produced a high current, solid state switchfor use with Wild Thumper products. Although designed specifically for the Wild Thumper chassis’s this switch can be used with any robot that needs to switch high currents.Solid state switches are small, quiet, have ..
The Eplorer PCB provides your 2 motor Rover 5 chassis with a convenient interface to your controller. The PCB includes motor drivers with current sensing, 5V and 3.3V regulators, IR sensors on the corners. There are mounting holes for popular Arduino PCBs, breadboards and a pan/tilt kit. A large pr..
Introduction:The servo gimbal can be used for the development and learning of smart car robots.The servos set up the ultrasonic gimbal to scan obstacles about 180 degrees in front.The obstacle distance data can be obtained and sent to the SCM to drive the smart car or the robot to turn around...
Suggested Voltage:4.5V DC No load Speed:58rpm No Load Current:190mA(max.250mA) min Size:20*20*64There gear motors, 130 model, 140 model, 260 model, 280 model and many other micro-motors, please consult contact!Use: There are scientific electronic products, electric robot body type,..
Multi chassis_4WD KIT (ATV version) ROHS Multi chassis_4WD KIT (ATV version) ROHS
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DG012-ATV Multi-Chassis 4WD Kit (ATV Version): a scalable all-terrain mobile robot  After assembling your robotics kit, you'll find it very easy to add a variety of sensors and accessories to the platform for a truly scalable exploration chassis, for example a radio receiver, a camera, environmental..
$35.00 $73.00
padkage: 100pcs/bag100pcs=25pcs*10mm+25pcs*15mm+25pcs*20mm+25pcs*30mmSpecification:M3..
The 4 wheels are stacked to make a cylinder 120mm dia. by 250mm and sealed in clear heatshrink plastic. As used on "Wild Thumper" these wicked spiked tractor tyres are ideal for all terrain robots.These wheels are 120mm diameter and 60mm wide. The hubs are Metalic Red in colour. ..
Kit Includs:1 HD USB camera, 1 wireless router, 1 2 DOF pan tilt. Dimension: wireless router:5.7cm*5.7cm,Camera and pan tilt: 11cm*8cm*6cm Wireless router◆ Stable version of openwrt,High-speed wifi vedio transmission.◆ UART control signal output.◆ High gain antenna, amplifying signal◆ 150Mbps, 11..
Encoders use custom made 8-pole magnets and 2 haff-effect sensors to provide 2 square waves, 90 degree out of phase with a total of 16 state changes per motor revolution. These encodoers can operate with both 3.3V and 5V logic sustems and have reverse polarity protection built into the sensors. And..
Product parameters:Specifications: Suitable for 28*28mm cameraColour: BlackMaterial: PlasticNote:Only suitable for 28*28mm camera modulesNot suitable for 32 or 38mm cameras ..
Multi chassis_Tank (Exploer vehicle) ROHS Multi chassis_Tank (Exploer vehicle) ROHS
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Product included:chassis(aluminum base)MINI Driver Control BoardHead bracketUltrasonic ModuleHall stroke counting sensorISP DownloaderVideo visit:  ..
$55.00 $152.44
padkage: 100pcs/bag100pcs=25pcs*10mm+25pcs*15mm+25pcs*20mm+25pcs*30mmSpecification:M4 ..
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