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List of available experiments1. Simple circuit assembly2. Explore series / parallel circuits3. Explore conductors and insulators4. Understanding circuit diagram5. Explore the current law of series / parallel circuit6. The voltmeter measures the voltage7. Explore the law of series / parallel voltage8..
new version total 16pcs sensor module kit, For the beginner,16 in 1 Modules Sensor Learning Package includes most projects design for those beginners and who want to know more about Arduino.16 in 1 Modules Sensor Learning Package is Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano Raspberry Pi.D..
Features:RFID Learning Suite is the entry to the master suite upgrades, updates place mainly in:1. 1602 I2C 1602 replaced the screen to control it more convenient.2. New RFID module and RFID keychain and white card.3. Added DS1302 clock module.4. New of the sound detection module.5. New temperature ..
Feature:This is an upgrade version UNO R3 starter kit, adds more components to achieve more features and experiments.You'll learn and build a lot of creative projects with this kit.Start with the basics of electronics, to do more complex projects.Package included:1 x Arduino compatible UNO R3 develo..
Mega 2560 mit 37 Sensor Module Starter Kit Shipping Content:1.Kompatibel Mega 2560 R32.Sensor Shield 2.03.USB Kabel4.40 pcs Female to Female Jumper5.Light Cup6.Hall magnetic7.Relay8.Linear Hall9.SMD RGB10.7 color flash11.Tilt switch12.Temperatur  18B2013.Big Sound14.Touch15.Two-color16.Laser emit17..
40 lessen:TEMP 18B20ShockAnaloge HallKnopIR EmissiePassieve ZoemerLaser UitstotenSMD RGBLicht Blokkeren3mm 2-Kleur LEDActieve ZoemerAnaloge TempretureDHT-11 Temp en VochtigheidTri-Color LEDTegel SchakelaarPhotoresistor5 v Een kanaal relaisBal SchakelaarMini ReedIR OntvangerJoystickLineaire HallReed ..
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