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Electromagnetic Experiment Equipment Set Physics Labs Circuit Learning Kit

Electromagnetic Experiment Equipment Set Physics Labs Circuit Learning Kit
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List of available experiments

1. Simple circuit assembly
2. Explore series / parallel circuits
3. Explore conductors and insulators
4. Understanding circuit diagram
5. Explore the current law of series / parallel circuit
6. The voltmeter measures the voltage
7. Explore the law of series / parallel voltage
8. Explore the series / parallel voltage law of battery pack
9. Measure the current of the LED
10.Explore the factors affecting the resistance
11.Learn how to use sliding rheostat
12.Ohm's law experiment
13.Measure the current with voltmeter and ammeter
14.Measure the power of the small bulb
15.Probe into galvanic cell experiment
16.Understanding simple magnetic field phenomena
17.Magnetic field and magnetic induction line
18.Oersted experiment
20.Simple doorbell experiment
21.Understand the principle and application method of electric bell
22.Force of magnetic field on energized conductor
23.Understanding DC motor
24.Know hand generator
25.Solar power generation experiment
26.Exploring resistance law tester
27.Determine whether the object is powered on
28.Exploring energy conversion experiment
29.Exploring the principle of magnetoelectricity
30.Friction electrification experiment
31.Know and make a simple compass
32.Explore the principle of magnetic levitation
33.Understanding the unidirectional conductivity of diodes
34.Explore the principle of wind powered trolley

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