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Magician Chassis arduino platform plastic material ROHS

Magician Chassis arduino platform plastic material ROHS
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  • Model: DG007-P
  • Weight: 1.00kg
  • Dimensions: 180.00cm x 125.00cm x 80.00cm

1:48 gear motors 1 pairs

Wheels 1 pairs

Material bag

Material bag

Battery holder (you can choose 1 from these):4XAA with DC head/5XAA with 2 PINS female head

 the kit contains

two platform assembly

two wheels with tires with a diameter of 65 mm

two dc motors with gears

metal slug podporowa

metal and plastic components

basket for batteries (5 x aa) with female connector


supply voltage: max engines. 6 v

torque: 0,8 kg / cm (0,78 nm)

the engine speed without burdening: 90 + / - 10 rpm

the current engine load: 190 (max. 250 ma)

the current engine with stationary shaft 1 and:


diameter: 65 mm

width: 30 mm

plastic rubber tire rims

dimensions of design: 110 * 174 mm

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