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Five-Way Directional Switch Module

Five-Way Directional Switch Module
Five-Way Directional Switch Module
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  • Model: HC161
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Five-way  Directional Switch  Module for Arduino

Product descripiton:
The biggest difference of five way switch is that it has five contacts. At the inner bottom, there are central fixed contacts and common contact housings, and there are many peripheral fixed contact housings around them. These housings are placed on the movable contact reed. When the machine wants to form a path, it can directly connect the contact reed and the common contact. The movable contact reed can be connected together. With the control of the operating rod, one movable contact reed can be directly connected with the corresponding contact.

Module parameters:
Working voltage: 3.3V~5V
Output type: digital signal
Interface mode: pH2.0~6P
Module size: 34*25mm
Module weight: 44g

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