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Silver solder wire 3ps/1 set ROHS
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Product DescriptionHobby and industrial robots alike are machines that are constantly moving and subject to vibration. To ensure good reliability it is important to use a good quality lead free solder. DAGU brand solder is 3% silver, 0.5% copper and 96.5% tin (SAC305) as recommended by JEITA for wa..
Product parameters: 1. Product size: 13.5*6*4.5cm2. Adaptive wheel: 2.5mm wheel diameter3. Return function: None (Automatic reset after steering)4. Drive motor: 9g servo (4.8V-6V)5. Servo speed: No load 0.12 seconds/60 degrees (4.8V)6. Stall torque: 1.2-1.4kg/cm (4.8V)Usage: The use of servo and or..
100 mm plastic omni wheels provide 360° movement, rotation and side mobility. Three independent motor 100 mm omnidirectional wheel robot kits can be installed.Main feature:Omnidirectional movement and rotationEasy direction control and trackingPlease turn quicklyUnique fixed directionSimple and stab..
53mm x 13mm x 12mm 1xAAA supplied in re-sealable plastic bag..
The omni wheel rolls like a normal wheel and is almost frictionless and laterally gliding (it can't slip when turning).Applying this kind of omnidirectional wheel can make your robot turn steadily or build a complete power transmission system.Each omnidirectional wheel can operate independently, wit..
Product parameters:Motor diameter: 27.8mmMotor height: 38mm (excluding front and rear bearing sleeves)Output shaft: 2.3mmOutput shaft length: 95mmWeight: 86gVoltage: DC12V~24VCurrent: 0.07A-0.11ASpeed: 5300RPM-10800RPMTorque:
The caterpillar is a fuly autonomous robot and uses 8 miniature servos to move just like a real caterpillar.This robot uses 3 antenna and an optional sharp GP2D12 IR range finder to avoid obstacles.Tilt sensors allow the robot to self right if it falls over.An IR receiver allows it to be controlled..
Product parameters: Fixed load capacity: 3kg;Light load speed: 1.2m/s (meters per second);Turn radius: 0m;Omnidirectional wheel material: aluminum alloy;Coupling material: aluminum alloy;Floor material: Acrylic;Chassis diameter: 234mm;Rated motor voltage: 12V;Reduction ratio 1:30;Encoder: rotates th..
The 60mm double aluminum omnidirectional wheel is a robust, wear-resistant double-row 360° omnidirectional wheel that provides easy movement, rotation and lateral operability.It includes 10 rubber rollers, the small wheel design has a good card position, to avoid sliding.Specification:Diameter: 60mm..
Motor parameters:1. Output rate: 150±10%rpm;2. Load current: 1200mA (Max);3. Stall current: 4500mA (Max);4. Locking torque: 9.5kgNaN;5. Load speed: 100±10%rpm;6. Load torque: 3000gNaN;7. Load noise: 56dB;8. Operating voltage: 9V;9. Shaft size: 14.5mm;10. Axial clearance: 0.05-0.50mm;11. Screw size: ..
Product parameter: Size (length, width, height): 240X185X65mm;Car weight: 806g (The above advertised load capacity does not include weight);Steering mode: differential;Drive mode: rear wheel dual motor drive 0 2;Driven wheel: aluminum alloy omnidirectional wheel (completely solves the instability ca..
156mm x 23mm x 12mm 6AA supplied in re-sealable plastic bag..
Introduction:There is a 16mm wide black reack on the white ground. Our track car can run automatically along the black track. No matter how curved the track is, the car can be driven automatically. We all know that when the light source hits a white obect and a black object, the light reflectance ..
DG007-L 2-wheel robot chassis: the starting point for your Dagu robot!The DG007-L 2-wheel robot chassis is one of the most important components of the Dagu mobile robot. Magician Chassis for Dagu robots consists of: 2*DG01D 48:1 gearmotors2*wheels with rubber tyres1*omni wheel1*battery holderTool an..
The 145mm (transparent) PU wheels are designed for optimal performance and durability (transparency) 145mm clear PU wheels can handle the highest drop,PU hard rides will remain stable for months! Transparent PU wheel, PP core.Main features:high rebound,Durable 82 A PU Coated Wheel with PP Core..
Parameters:Diameter: 125mm;Height: 60mm;Wheel diameter: 44mm;Motor parameters: Diameter: 12mm;Body without shaft length: 26mm;Output shaft length: 10mm;Voltage working range: DC1.5V-12.0VOmni wheel parameters: Weight: 25g;Steel ball diameter: 15mm;Height: 20mm..
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