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Multi chassis_Tank chassis (standard version) ROHS

Multi chassis_Tank chassis (standard version) ROHS
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  • Model: DG012-SV
  • Weight: 1.50kg
  • Dimensions: 157.00cm x 149.00cm x 60.00cm

Dagu mobile robot chassis: transform your robot into a tank!

The standard version of the tank chassis consists of a compact robotics platform equipped with a very robust aluminium frame for safely carrying out numerous different exploration activities.

The DG012-SV chassis is different from the DG012-ATV and DG012-BV chassis because it's tracks rather than having 4pcs wheels.


DG012-SV Dagu chassis: from assembly to optimisation

The Dagu DG012-SV chassis comes in a kit, containing all the necessary comonents as well as the tools required to mount your robot chassis. Beware, however, because the batteries are not included!


Once assembled, you’ll need various different accessories to use your robot, for example a microcontroller (an Arduino Uno board for example), a radio receiver for controlling your robotics platform remotely, and maybe some other devices that could prove extremely useful like sensors to enable your robotic mini-tank to interact with its environment, a camera or a data logger. It’s completely up to you depending on your project!

In any case, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your chassis is already equipped with numerous slots and fixation points for all your add-ons.


Technical specifications of the DG012-SV Multi-Chassis

1. Dimensions: 157*149*60mm

2. Net weight: 440g

3. Operating voltage: 6~9V (a LiPo 7.2V battery is ideal)

4. 2 high-quality all-terrain tracks with 4*52mm diameter wheels for moving over sand and grass and in puddles

5. 2 DC motors with 48:1 gearmotor and metal shaft

6. Maximum load: 

              On the move: 7.5kg (on earth, test with 7.4V 1100mAH 10C 8.14Wh Li-ion battery)

              Not moving: 50kg (on stable support)

7. suggested terrain: earth, smooth ceramic tiles, deep grass, sand


The Multi-Chassis Tank Kit (Standard Version) includes:

1*aluminium  frame

2*DC 48:1 gearmotors

4*track wheels

2*rubber tracks

4*M3 25mm standoffs

14*M3 8mm screws

2*M3 30mm screws

2*M3 16mm screws

2*M2.5 25mm screws

2*collars for M3 10mm screws

2*collars for M3 20mm screws

2*M3 nuts

4*M2.5 nuts

2*M3 nuts

1*holder for 5 AA batteries

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