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Hardware compatibility between UNO R4 Minina functionality and UNO external dimensions:The UNO R4 Minima maintains the same external dimensions, pin a..
Brand: DAGU
The development board module model ESP-WROOM-32 is a universal Wi Fi+BT+BLE MCU module with powerful functions and wide applications, which can be use..
ntroduction Main features:The module is the ESP-WROOM-32 development board, and the ESP-WROOM-32 parameter characteristics are the parameter char..
Brand: DAGU
Principal configuration:1. T2 laser tube 2 Software system 3.3000W industrial water chiller 4. High-speed guide rail 5. Erlu lens 6. Motor driveTechni..
Features:DIY Assembly: DIY science assembly kit, which needs children to assemble by themselves, help children learn the mechanical transmission ..
List of available experiments1. Simple circuit assembly2. Explore series / parallel circuits3. Explore conductors and insulators4. Understanding circu..
Brand: DAGU
The arc shape of bicycle wheel is antique and fashionable,It ignites the desire of the creator and its free application in many fieldsWheel diameter: ..
Product DescriptionMega 2560 R3 Mega2560 REV3 (ATmega2560-16AU CH340G) Board ON USB Cable compatible for arduino [With USB line]The Arduino Mega ..
Brand: DAGU
Diameter: 50mm (about 2 inches)Width: 20mmWheel roller: 5 sub wheelsWeight: 27.2g/pieceLoad: 4kg (4 wheels)..
Brand: DAGU
0.96 inch 12864 OLED Display Module for ArduinoOLED (organic light emitting diode) is also called organic electroluminescence display (OLED). OLED is ..


BJDG-XD100 Disinfection Robot
BJDG-XD101 Disinfection Robot
BJDG-XD102 Disinfection Robot
BJDG-XD105 Disinfect Robot for Hospital
BJDG-XD106 Disinfection Robot
BJDG-XD107 Disinfection Robot

STEAM Education

STEAM Education 

Arduino/Micro:bit/Raspberry Pi

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