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Doodle Bot kit ROHS

Doodle Bot kit ROHS
Doodle Bot kit ROHS
Doodle Bot kit ROHS
Doodle Bot kit ROHS
Doodle Bot kit ROHS
Doodle Bot kit ROHS
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Doodle Bot kit ROHS
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  • Model: RS025
  • Weight: 1.00kg

Doodle robot Applications:

1.Science Museum, Science Museum of Science and Technology Festival robot performances

2 School Anniversary (Anniversary)

3 technological innovation activities and training

4 Robot Exhibition

5 School Robotics Laboratory

6 hosting centers Robotics counseling, robot technology hands-on

7 robot enthusiasts, the C language schools mechatronics, automation courses to learn the C language practice tools

This kit allows you to build and program a small drawing robot that can write messages and draw pictures using a large pen, crayon or chalk stick. 

Each kit comes in a colour printed box with English instruction manual and software on CD. Programming cable supplied separately. 

Technical parameters:

1, MINI driver control board 1 (avr atmage 8A SMD )

2,12 g servos 3PCS ( actually two are converted to 360 degrees )

3 , Battery: 4 on the 7th battery box ( Note : The buyer self-battery )

4 , Size : 125 * 85 * 85MM ( excluding pen )

5 , can be graphically plotting software development !

NOTE: Buyer self whiteboard pen and data lines , shop is also available, if needed, could add money together to buy.

Function Description:

Otani drawing writing robot is determined by a transparent acrylic plate as the main body , a MINI arduino board as the main control board , and two 12g has been changed to a 360-degree steering gear for power steering and a standard 12g complete robot pen and put pen to paper , complete robot wonderful draw, write performances. Further , while the robot forward , there are two Hall sensors , each wheel travel records to ensure drawn images or characters, more precise .

Technical characteristics:

In appreciation of the robot performing the same time, if you want in-depth study of how a painting robot will write out the word , then also learn about programming algorithm is how to achieve ? This robot program compilation , allowing more robot enthusiasts, that the market is too simple robot programming , then try this ! !

Purpose of teaching:

Develop students' thinking to enable students to want to want to draw something on paper or write the word , through the robot's trajectory to achieve ! To enhance students' programming skills !

The following is a graphical user interface graphics car Wizard ( Note : The buyer need to order a graphical Bluetooth communications package to achieve ) 

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