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Dagu Starter Kit Module

Flame Detection Sensor ModuleThe flame sensor can be used to detect the fire source or other light sources with wavelengths ranging from 760 nm to 1100 nm. In the fire fighting robot game, the flame probe plays a very important role. It can be used as the robot's eyes to find the fire source or foot..
HC-SR04 Distance Ultrasonic Sensor Module for steam eduacationModule description:This module is used to measure the distance.By sending and receiving ultrasonic waves, it measures the time required for the sound to rebound from the object and return to the sensor.Using the time difference and sound ..
High precision clock moduleProduct description:Accurate real-time clock, which can keep hours, minutes and seconds, as well as day, month and year information. In addition, it can automatically compensate leap years and months with less than 31 days. The module uses I2C communication protocol.Module..
Limit Switch Module for Steam EducationModule description:Limit switches are also known as electronic switches. When the collision module is detected, it will send a low-level signal to the control board, otherwise it will send a high-level signal. It can realize the functions of light-emitting lamp..
MAX7219 LED DOT Matrix 8-Bit Digital Tube Display Control ModuleModule parameters:Working voltage: 3.3V~5Vlighting color: redInterface mode: pH2.0~5PModule size: 77*25mmModule weight: 130g..
MAX7219 LED DOT Matrix for steam educationProduct description:MAX7219 is an integrated serial I / O common cathode display driver. It can be connected with microprocessor and 8-digit 7-segment digital LED display, bar graph display or 64 independent LEDs.Module parameters:Working voltage: 3.3V~5Vlig..
Microphone Sound Sensor ModuleModule description:Output module, digital analog interface. It acts as a microphone. It is used to receive sound waves and display vibration images, but it can not measure the intensity of noise. The sound wave makes the electret film in the microphone vibrate, resultin..
MPU6050 Gyroscope Sensor Module for coding robotMpu6050 is a system combining 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and digital thermometer. Its special function is the built-in digital motion processor (DMP) unit. Each channel has a 16 bit analog-to-digital converter hardware, which captures x, y ..
NTC Thermistor Sensor Module for STEAM educaitonThermistor module is very sensitive to the ambient temperature, which is generally used to detect the ambient temperature. Thermistor is a kind of sensitive element. It can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) and negative ..
Passive Buzzer Module for steam educationModule description:Buzzer is a kind of audio signal device. As an integrated electronic buzzer, it is powered by DC voltage and widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other..
PS Joystic Module for arduino boardProduct description:It is composed of two sliding rheostat and a key. When the rocker is moved, the resistance value of the sliding rheostat changes, and the corresponding X / y voltage value also changes. Pressing the rocker with force will trigger the key press, ..
Reed Switch Module for ArduinoProduct description:When the magnet is close to the reed, the two reeds in the reed are magnetized and connected, so the switch function of the reed edge is played. The reed pipe is widely used in program-controlled exchange, copier, washing machine, refrigerator, camer..
Relay Sensor Module for Steam EdcuationParameters:Working voltage: 3.3V to 5VRelay model: hk4100fInput type: digital signalInterface mode: ph2.0-3pModule size: 34 x 25mmModule weight: 95g..
Photoelectric Diode Photoresistor Sensor ModuleModule description:Photoresistor is a kind of light controlled variable resistor. Photoresistors have photoconductivity and can be used in photodetectors. Photoresistors are made of high resistance semiconductors. In the dark, the resistance of photores..
RGBW 6812 LED Module for steam educationProduct description:RGB LED consists of 3 leds. Each led has a red light, a green light and a blue light. These three colors leds can produce any color. The RGB LED has red, green and blue light transmitters and is usually connected to a common lead (anode or ..
RGBW 6812 LED Module for steam educationProduct description:Sk6812rgbw is an intelligent external LED light source which integrates control circuit and light-emitting circuit. Its appearance is the same as a 5050 LED lamp bead, and each element is a pixel point. It is mainly applicable to LED full-c..
Rain Detector Sensor Module for ArduinoProduct description: Rain sensor is an analog input module, also known as rain, rain sensor. It can be used to monitor various weather conditions, detect whether it rains and the size of rainfall, and convert it into analog signal output. It can also ..
Soil Humidity Sensor ModuleProduct description:When the soil is short of water, the output value of the sensor will decrease, otherwise it will increase. Use this sensor to make an automatic watering device, so that the plants in your garden will not be managed by people. The sensor surface is plate..
Hall Sensor Module for ArduinoA magnetic field sensor based on Hall effect. Hall effect is a kind of magnetoelectric effect, which was discovered by Hall (a.h.hall, 1855-1938) in 1879 when he studied the conductive mechanism of metal. Later it was found that semiconductors and conductive fluids also..
Speed Mesure Photoelectric SensorProduct description:There is a photoelectric sensor and a phototransistor on both sides of the U-groove. The on state of the receiver determines whether the module outputs high level or low level. Then the speed of the motor can be inferred by the number of times the..
Switch Touch Sensor Module for steam educationModule description:Touch module is a capacitive touch switch module based on touch detection.Normally, the module outputs low level;When touching the corresponding position with fingers, the module will output high level.The module can be installed ..
Tilt Angle Sensor Switch Module for Arduino Product description:Ball level is also known as tilt angle vibration switch ball. There are two contacts in the switch, which trigger the circuit command through the inclination of beads (single or double beads) by 15 degrees. Most of them are used in..
Tracing IR sensor Module for ArduinoThe tracking module is used to transmit light to the road by the infrared transmitting tube. When the infrared light encounters black, it is absorbed. The receiving tube does not receive the reflected light and outputs high level. When the red light meets other co..
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