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Motion in the ComMotionControlling 4 motors, reading their encoders, monitoring their current draw requires a lot of processor pins so the first thing I did was to make the shield I²C controlled.This way only two pins were needed leaving all the other pins free for use with other shields, circuits o..
Hardware compatibility between UNO R4 Minina functionality and UNO external dimensions:The UNO R4 Minima maintains the same external dimensions, pin arrangement, and 5V operating voltage as its predecessor, the UNO R3. This ensures a seamless transition between existing expansion boards and projects..
Module introduction: The color of an object is usually seen. In fact, the surface of the object absorbs part of the colored components in the white light irradiated on it, and the other part of the colored light reflected is reflected in the human eyes. White is composed of visible light of various ..
Suggested Voltage:4.5V DC No load Speed:140rpm No Load Current:190mA(max.250mA) min Size:20*20*64There gear motors, 130 model, 140 model, 260 model, 280 model and many other micro-motors, please consult contact!Use: There are scientific electronic products, electric robot body type..
TPA3110 2x15W Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier Board for Bluetooth SpeakerProduct informationProduct name: Bluetooth digital power amplifier boardAudio input: Wireless BluetoothPower output: Two channels 15W+15WReceiving distance > 10 metersSuitable impedance: 4,6,8,10Ω speaker speakerSupply voltage:..
TPA3110 2x15W Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier Board for Bluetooth SpeakerProduct informationProduct name: DC voltage regulation ModuleRegulate method: PWMInput voltage: DC 4V~40VOutput voltage: DC 1.25V~36VMaximun current: 5A (More than 5 a need to strengthen heat dissipation)Maximun power: 220WConv..
Tda7492p Bluetooth digital power amplifier 2x25w dual channel DIY sound box refittingProduct description:1) Power: 2.1 Interface DC 10-25V power supply (with reverse power protection)2) Audio input: Bluetooth receiver3) Output Impedance: 8 ohms Best (can drive 4,6,8,16ohm impedance speakers)4) Ampli..
New Avoidance tracking Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box 4WD Ultrasonic module kitAre in the form of car spare parts delivery (easy to transport), with 3D installation drawings, get the hand in accordance with the drawings can be installed as long as ten minutes to complete..
NodeMCU LUA WiFi Internet ESP8266 Development Board CP2102 with L293D Motor Shield BoardProduct DescriptionBased on ESP-12E development kit, it can facilitate the development of WiFi Smart car, free to send Android phone source.ESP12 DEV KIT development board expansion module;lead ESP12 DEV KIT All-..
260 Motor with Wires​Advantages: It's simple to operate.  It can be well used for some basic electronic diy kit, such as making fans that can rotate quickly without the resistance. ​Parameters:Gear diameter: 6mm, 10 teethOperating voltage range: 1V~3V DCBut the motor can handle a maximum l..
Product parameter:Voltage: 4.5VWeight: 280gBest load: 400gSize: 175*120*80mmBoard size: 175*110*80mmTire outside diameter: 67mm width: 26mmSize: first board: 45mm, two plate spacing: 24mmTT motor: 4.8~7.2V (with EMC anti electromagnetic interference)Includes:1. 1:48 gear motors 1 pairs2. Wheels 1 pa..
Motor :48V DC brushless motorWorking temperature :-20 ° C to 60 ° CRated power:650W * 2Rated torque:30NMRunning speed:0 to 1.4 m / sMaximum obstacle clearance:220 mmMaximum climbing:45 degrees (can climb the stairs)size Dimensions:1000 * 750 * 340 mmThe size of the inside :600 * 300 * 230 mmChassis ..
Dimensions: 649*491*218mmInner bin size: 383*276*126mmTank bare weight: about 14.25KGOperating speed: 0-1m/s (operating speed depends on motor speed voltage)Tank motor: DC brush motorRated power: 120W*2 by defaultRated voltage: default voltage 24VRated current: starting current is 10A, running curre..
Product Features:1. The three-wheel drive platform uses omnidirectional wheel technology to achieve full-scale movement: vertical and horizontal movements2. Proide enough space for sensors, controllers, etc.3. Less accessories, easy to install.Product Parameters: 1. Omindirectional wheel material:..
DHT11 Sensor Module for steam educationWorking voltage: 3.3V~5VTemperature range: 0~50ºC (error: ±2ºC)Humidity range: 20~90%RH (error: ±5%RH)Output type: Digital signal calibratedInterface mode: pH2.0~3PModule size: 34*25mmModule weight: 45g..
DAGU launches several multimeters for  robot  beginners.These multimeter are carefully selected and fantastic value!  Larger the quantity, cheaper the price!! ..
Digital Shake Sensor Module for ArduinoProduct description:A digital sensor sensitive only to one-way hand movement. Spring type vibration switch is adopted. When the external force shakes, the conducting needle will be opened instantaneously when the appropriate shaking force is achieved. Only hori..
Distance Checking Ultrasonic Sensor (Red color) for Arduino ROHS Distance Checking Ultrasonic Sensor (Red color) for Arduino ROHS
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Ultrasonic Distance SensorDescription:This is the HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor. This economical sensor provides 2cm to 400cm of non-contact measurement functionality with a ranging accuracy that can reach up to 3mm. Each HC-SR04 module includes an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver and a contr..
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Features:DIY Assembly: DIY science assembly kit, which needs children to assemble by themselves, help children learn the mechanical transmission structure of car and cultivate their creativity.Dual Power Mode: Powered by solar energy or 2 *AA battery(batteries are not included), low carbon..
Arduino EEPRROM Module for steam educationProduct description:EPPRROM is a kind of electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, which is a kind of memory chip without data loss after power failure. AT24C02, a 2K bit COMS EEPROM, has 256 8-bit bytes and a special write protection function.Wor..
List of available experiments1. Simple circuit assembly2. Explore series / parallel circuits3. Explore conductors and insulators4. Understanding circuit diagram5. Explore the current law of series / parallel circuit6. The voltmeter measures the voltage7. Explore the law of series / parallel voltage8..
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