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wood working lathe ROHS

wood working lathe ROHS
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wood working lathe ROHS
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  • Model: DY007
  • Weight: 7.00kg

Technical parameter:

1, the use of customized ultra quiet high-speed built-in fan motor;

2, the base uses the jet anode oxidation treatment;

3, using the European standard aluminum T type inner groove;

4, motor speed: 20000 RPM / min;

5, input voltage / current / power: 12V/3A/36W, switching power supply to the voltage of 240V - 110V;

6, transformer with over current, over voltage, over heat protection;

7, lathe processing material maximum diameter: 50mm;

8, lathe processing material length: 150mm;

9, X axis slider stroke: 150mm;

Chuck: 1-6mm, 10;

Three, can use the 11 claw chuck, can clamp the workpiece's maximum diameter of 50mm;

12, four claw chuck metal can clamp the workpiece's maximum diameter of 50mm (optional);

13 and spindle box (spindle box behind assist fastening holes) and the motor box is a metal structure, a hand wheel, a gear, small slider, long slide, connecting block, three claw chuck (optional metal four jaw independent chuck), belt protection cover, tool clamping claw etc. with all metal structure, fuselage without plastic parts;

14, center high 25mm, center distance 150mm;

15, suitable for processing: wood, soft metal (copper, aluminum, etc.), organic glass, plastic, etc..

Product features:

1. The main parts of the machine tool are electroplating process or the ink jet anodic oxidation process;

2, Z axis hand wheel, tail seat hand wheel are using electroplating process, with 0.02mm accuracy of the calibration line (scale line for the mold a molding, non paste), increase the accuracy of machine tool processing workpiece.

3, the machine tool using 3/4 semi structure, convenient disassembly and assembly machine connecting block;

4, chuck of machine tool by hexagon nut fixed design, increase the clamping tool (such as drill, milling cutter, a wood lathe drive) fastening degree;

5, large slider side with anti loose nut design, prevent the machine used in the process of vibration caused by too large gap, improve the processing accuracy;

6, to prevent the hole screw slide, the connection block using the square nut, improve the stability and service life of the connection block;

7, the connection block by a dovetail type structure, and machine tool parts of each slot phase matching, improve the stability and machining precision of the machine tool;

8, the machine adopts safe corner processing technology, to prevent the skin from scratch;

There are three parallel dovetail groove 9, machine tool slide, easy to move and fixture, tool lathe knife seat installation. 

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