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Grinding machine ROHS

Grinding machine ROHS
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Grinding machine ROHS
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  • Model: DY005
  • Weight: 7.00kg

Technical parameter:

1, the use of customized ultra quiet high-speed built-in fan motor;

2, the base uses the jet anode oxidation treatment;

3, using the European standard aluminum T type inner groove;

4, motor speed: 20000 RPM / min;

5, input voltage / current / power: 12V/3A/36W, switching power supply to the voltage of 240V - 110V;

6, spindle box (spindle box behind assist fastening holes) and the motor box for the metal structure, the gear, the base side cover, connecting block, sandpaper disk, belt protection cover, sandpaper disk (sandpaper disk with eight discharge hole and a positioning hole, the sandpaper close to the surface and center hole positioning function.) Grinding wheel protective cover and so on are all metal structure, no plastic parts of the body.

7, high 25mm, sand particle size is generally 100, according to the different requirements of the workpiece and the machining surface selection of sandpaper;

8, working table area: 120*120mm;

9, processing materials: wood, engineering plastics, soft metal (aluminum, copper, etc.).

Product features:

1, the main parts of the electroplating process or ink jet anode oxidation process;

2, main parts of machine tools by electroplating technology, such as metal plating base side cover, metal electroplated grinding wheel protective cover, metal electroplated grinding platen etc., grinding platen has scale positioning line (scale line for forming a mold), to improve the machining accuracy;

3, to prevent the hole screw slide, the connection block using the square nut, improve the stability and service life of the connection block;

4, a connecting block adopts the dovetail type structure, and machine tool parts of each slot phase matching, improve the stability and machining precision of the machine tool;

5, with a grinder, equipped with metal electroplating grinding wheel protective cover, grinding sandpaper disk has 8 exhaust holes and 1 positioning holes;

6, can be used for polishing, grinding, can also be carried out with a variety of angle grinding;

7, transformer with over current, over voltage, over heat protection.

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