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Sawing machine ROHS

Sawing machine ROHS
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Sawing machine ROHS
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  • Model: DY004
  • Weight: 8.00kg

Technical parameter:

1, the use of customized ultra quiet high-speed built-in fan motor;

2, the base uses the jet anode oxidation treatment;

3, using the European standard aluminum T type inner groove;

4, motor speed: 20000 RPM / min;

5, input voltage / current / power: 12V/3A/36W, switching power supply to the voltage of 240V - 110V;

6, transformer with over current, over voltage, over heat protection;

7, saw table area: 120mm x120mm;

8, Ma Daxiang, spindle box, middle block, wire box, base, gear, side cover machine, wire saw, connecting block, axis, belt protection cover used in all metal structure, body of plastic parts.

Product features:

1, the main parts of the electroplating process or ink jet anode oxidation process.

2, can be a straight line, the curve of arbitrary cutting;

3, saw the plate down whole stalk, with convenient retractable screw fixed structure, without the use of any tools it can be under the adjustment and fixing and adjusting rod;

Has 4, machine safety not to hurt the hand design, zigzag across the skin will only cause a slight vibration, safety not to hurt the hand, can not be cut, saw the largest sawing depth: Hardwood 4mm, plywood 7mm, cork 18mm, thin aluminum plate 0.5mm, organic glass 2mm;

5, to prevent the hole screw slide, the connection block using the square nut, improve the stability and service life of the connection block;

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