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Handheld Slot machine ROHS

Handheld Slot machine ROHS
Tags: DIY tools
Handheld Slot machine ROHS
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  • Model: DY002
  • Weight: 5.00kg

Technical parameter:

1, the use of customized ultra quiet high-speed built-in fan motor;

2, motor speed: 20000 RPM / min;

3, input voltage / current / power: 12V/3A/36W, switching power supply to the voltage of 240V - 110V;

4, transformer with over current, over voltage, over heat protection;

Chuck: 1mm-6mm, 5;

6, processing materials: wood, engineering plastics, soft metal (gold, silver, aluminum, copper), etc.;

7, a motor, a gear, sandpaper disk (sandpaper disk with eight discharge hole and a positioning hole) belt protection cover are all made of metal structure, the body no plastic parts.

Product features:

1, the main parts of machine tools by electroplating process;

2, the machine adopts six collet nut fixed clamping tool (such as design, increase the tightness of the drill bit, milling cutter);

3, slot nut using dovetail type structure, and machine tool parts of each slot phase matching, improve the stability and machining accuracy of machine tool.

4, handheld machine is equipped with seven standard grinding tools, wide application range and variety, flexible operation, drill with a gimlet, with grinding wheel becomes hand mill, milling cutter becomes hand milling, and is very simple to use.

5, the transformer has over current, over voltage, over heat protection. 

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