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24 servos robot controller ROHS

24 servos robot controller ROHS
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  • Model: DG028-c
  • Weight: 0.50kg

Power input: +20V - +7V

Power output: 5V/1A, 5V/5A, 3.3V/1A

Control steering gear channel: 24

Communication input: TTL

Actuator drive resolution: about 5US, about 0.45 degrees

Baud rate setting: 115200

Driving pulse range: 2500 - 500


Hardware protection:

A)dual power supply voltage, one for the power supply of the 5V/1A chip, one for servo protection of the 5V/5A large current working power chip.

B) when you connect wrong power supply for positive and negative,the controller will be protected.


Software protection:

A) when the the current more than 3A,it will disconnect the power to protect the servos.

B) when the voltage less than 6.5V,it will stop servo power supply to protect the battery.


Robot communication interface

1.PS2 remote with 6Pins. Bluetooth interface base,you can use DAGU bluetooth module. WIFI module base, you can control the robot via computer,mobile phone.

4.Arduino communication,you can connect the arduino board via  TXD,RXD and GND.


Computer software function(it have Sample program):

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