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Spiral Hand Drill ROHS

Spiral Hand Drill ROHS
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  • Model: DG020
  • Weight: 150.00g


Brand New.

This Is A New Manual Push Drill.

Spiral Hand Push Drill


Mini Drill Twist Spiral Jewelry Craft Tool!

To Use Just Move The Center Piece Up And Down.

This Is An Inexpensive Way To Add Proficiency And Flexibility To Your Craft Or Jewelry Tool

Collection Or Even Do Those Fun Nail Designs That Are In Now.


This Is A New Spiral Drill

To Use Just Move The Center Piece Up And Down

Pulling Up And Down On The Knurled Plunger Causes The Body Of The Hand Drill To Spin Like Any Other Drilling Device.

The Drill Is Held Steady By Resting One Finger On Top.


For Olive ,Walnut,Chrysophoron, Wood, Plastic, Rubber, Model Hole Drilling.

Not Suitable For Steel, Iron, Stone Hard Thing .

Holds twist drills in sizes:0.1mm-2mm

Hand Twist Drill Drill Wenwan Walnut Olive Model Plastic Hole 


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