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Maker education laser cutting machine

Maker education laser cutting machine
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  • Model: DG-9060
  • Weight: 200.00kg

Principal configuration:

1. T2 laser tube 2 Software system 3.3000W industrial water chiller 4. High-speed guide rail 5. Erlu lens 6. Motor drive

Technical parameters:

Laser type - CO2 laser-

Laser power - 100W

Machine model - LS-9060

Working area - 900 * 600 (mm)

Engraving speed - 0-800mm/s

Cutting speed - 0-400mm/s

Repetition accuracy -+0.05mm

Motion system - step control system

Cooling mode - industrial water chiller and protection system

Overall power - ≤ 1500W

Voltage - AC220V+10% 50Hz (60Hz)

Working temperature - 0 ℃ - 45 ℃

Working humidity - 5% - 95%

Control software - Qiancheng laser software


Workbench - blade table

Operating weight - ≈ 160kg

Application field;

Suitable materials: cloth, leather, plexiglass, acrylic, plastic, rubber, tile, wood products, bamboo products, wool, paper, ceramics and other non-metallic materials.

Applicable industries: clothing, shoes, bags, computer embroidery and cutting, models, electronic appliances, toys, furniture, advertising decoration, packaging and printing, paper products, handicrafts and other industries.

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