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Product description (60mm):    Size: 60*31*9mm    N.W: 45g/pcsWe have other types:1. 80mm:    Size: 80*37*9mm    N.W: 98g/pcs2. 48mm:    Size: 48*25*9mm    N.W: 24.2g/pcs..
Product description (80mm):    Size: 80*37*9mm    N.W: 98g/pcsWe have other types:1. 48mm:    Size: 48*25*9mm    N.W: 24.2g/pcs2. 60mm:    Size: 60*31*9mm    N.W: 45g/pcs..
Including:4*DC gear motor4*wheels1*4AA battery holder4*20 line tachometer encoder8*Fastener1*3D assembly drawings1*Several pillars screw nut1*boxonly the above package content, other products are not included...
Description:500mm T8 Lead Screw Rod with Stepper Motor and Mounted Ball Bearing SetSpecification:Lead screw Materialstainless steelDiameter8mmPitch2mmLead4Total Length500mmScrew nut MaterialbrassDiameter8mmPitch2mmLead4Mounted ball bearing Materialzinc alloyBore diameter8 mm8mmTotal length55mmHeight..
Product descriptionDescription:Body Length(Including Reduction Box):25mmShaft Diameter: 3mm, D ShaftShaft Length: 10mmVoltage: 6vNo-load speed: 60rpmTorque: 1.5Kg/cmRubber wheels:Diameter:43mmThickness:19mmAperture:D Shaft 3mm holeMaterial:ABS engineering plastics+import rubberPackage list: 2 p..
Including:1 sheet 3D assembly drawing1 pcs Car chassis2 pcs EMC geared motors 1:482 pcs Wheel2 pcs High-preision 20-wire speed encoder2 pcs Fasteners1 pcs Universal wheel4 pcs Long screwsShort screws(8 long, 2 short)10 pcs NutsWith Arduino and L298N1 piece of L298N can drive 2 piece of DC motors...
Including:4*DC gear motor4*wheels1*4AA battery holder4*20 line tachometer encoder8*Fastener1*3D assembly drawing1*Several pillars screw nut1*boxOnly the above package content, other products are not included.Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a..
Active Buzzer Module for steam educationModule description:Buzzer is a kind of audio signal device. As an integrated electronic buzzer, it is powered by DC voltage and widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other ..
1. suitable for arduino UNO Board, Quick Disassembly, Simple and Convenient2. Input voltage range: 6V-12.6V, it can provide 3.6A maximum current, which can support multiple steering motors to ensure normal operation.3. On-board high performance continuous current 3A (peak output ..
Barometric Sensor Module for Arduino Steam EducationParameters:Working voltage: 3.3V~5VPressure range: 300~1100hPaOutput type: I2CInterface mode: pH2.0~4PModule size: 34*25mmModule weight: 40g..
Module introduction:The color of an object usually seen. In fact, the surface of the object absorbs a part of the colored component of the white light irradiated on it, and the other part of the colored light reflected is reflected in the human eye. White is composed of visible light of various freq..
Motion in the ComMotionControlling 4 motors, reading their encoders, monitoring their current draw requires a lot of processor pins so the first thing I did was to make the shield I²C controlled.This way only two pins were needed leaving all the other pins free for use with other shields, circuits o..
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