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LCD Training Kit ROHS

LCD Training Kit ROHS
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Tutorial link:

LCD Trainer Kit:
As with most of our Arduino based products, this kit is also best suited for kids 12+ that are just learning about electronics and programming.
The LCD training kit includes an instruction booklet with step by step colour photos. 
It can also be viewed / downloaded from here:

Once the kit is assembled, the instructions explain how to install the sample code with screen shots to assist the explanation.
The manual links to the Arduino LCD library and explains how to use the Arduino example "Hello World".
A second piece of sample code uses our IR compound eye as a simple range finder and displays the readings on the LCD.
Video of the kit being assembled and programmed can be seen here:

Video of the kit using the compound eye can be seen here:

 This LCD trainer kit is an excellent introduction into micro controllers for students and hobbyist alike.

Step by step instructions with detailed colour photos simplify construction.

No soldering required.

ATmega8A comes preloaded with Arduino bootloader.

Package size: 235mm x 185mm x 45mm

Comes in a printed colour box with a full colour printed manual
Now widely used in the LCD display from the phone to the robot data transfer. 

This kit is a simple, versatile learning platform, students can use the Atmega8 processor for a variety of practical applications, experimental operation.

Kit contains all the necessary spare parts.

Learn the four topics:
1 clock setting.

2 programming simple newsletter editor.

3 contains a burner, can be repeated programming:
Simply follow the steps and pictures, without guidance, the students will be able to easily assemble the kit.
Bill of Materials:
1. AVR / Arduino compatible Atmega8A MCU, preset with Arduino bootloader.
2. 16MHz crystal oscillator, used to measure the precise time
3. USB interface to pass through the computer program, with automatic reset function
4.32 LCD Display
Five large panels used to create experimental lines, without welding
6.70 female to female, male to male jumper, a total of five colors
7 Includes battery part, the line does not need rely on USB power
8 four momentary switch, to facilitate the manual input and control
9. 28mm speaker sound and music can be generated


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