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Mini Bot(mini soccer robot +6 legged robot) ROHS

Mini Bot(mini soccer robot +6 legged robot) ROHS
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  • Model: RS014
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Thanks for purchasing our mini 6 feet / 2 robot, designed for beginners and younger students to design , through which the product can learn assembly and programming robots.

Product Features:

Compatible with Arduino, supporting a USB download cable , you can easily download the program .

· Infrared sensor can detect objects and tracking eye movements

· 4 mini motor can complete complex walking action

· Supporting universal TV remote control

· 2 LED and the speaker may have been programmed robot information feedback

Do it now ! Achieve your dreams ! Create your next masterpiece !


1 , with a 16MHz resonator Atmega8 chip compatible Arduino.

2, 4 mini motor allows the robot to walk in and play.

3, infrared sensors allow the robot to determine the eye can track distance.

4, IR receiver allows the robot to be controlled by the TV remote .

5, the infrared emitter can be wireless troubleshooting.

6, 28mm diameter speakers can play music and provide audio feedback.

7, 2 LED indicators show the status of the robot and patterns .

8, the robot behind the two idle jack allows students to add other sensors.

9, ISP jack and jack used to transmit programs TTL serial port .

10, the robot is preset with Arduino bootloader and software examples.

Using the remote controller :

Mini biped robot contains a universal TV remote . Universal remote control can mimic other remote control functions , so you must first set up .

Press and hold the orange set button until the red LED lights up , then press the number 049 , the red light goes out .

Such remote control will set up and ready to use .

The figure is based on the robot program shows examples of various remote control key functions .

Left: calibration , left hip forward , backward left hip , left knee forward , left knee backward , forward, turn left / left kick, stop

Right: restore factory settings, right hip forward , back right hip and right knee forward , right knee backwards , settings, turn right / left kicking back.

Remote Operation Robot:

An open robot that can see the white LED begins flashing , the robot will not immediately start , there will be 5 seconds to let it down.

Then a short musical , which means that the robot is ready , white LED stays on , that has entered the normal operating mode.

When the robot is standing still , it will look for an object to track , when an object appears in the sensing range , the robot starts singing , and a white LED

Light starts flashing. If the object is relatively close from the robot , the robot will automatically kicked it . Robot stopped , press left or right , even without

Objects within the sensor , the robot will kick left or right kick . Press the forward or backward button , the robot will be able to move around , but need not always hold.

Left-right can make the robot turn. Press the pause button stops the robot .

If the robot steering is not very good , you need to adjust the motor , the robot when standing still , feet should be completely flat on the ground .

If silicone toes are dirty, or robot walking on level ground without , will also affect its walking or turning effect.

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