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DGCH024 Metal tank chassis ROHS

DGCH024 Metal tank chassis ROHS
DGCH024 Metal tank chassis ROHS
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  • Model: DGCH024
  • Weight: 300.00kg

Motor :48V DC brushless motor

Working temperature :-20 ° C to 60 ° C

Rated power:880W * 2

Rated torque:36NM

Running speed:0 to 1.6 m / s

Maximum obstacle clearance:220 mm

Maximum climbing:40 degrees (can climb the stairs)

size Dimensions:1020 * 730 * 440 mm

The size of the inside :600 * 320 * 240 mm

Chassis height:140 mm

Track width:150 mm

Ground length:740 mm


Load:100 kg


wheel aluminum

Body   Carbon steel

chain  High-quality rubber embedded Kevlar fiber

Surface treatment  Spray / part of the paint 


Product Features:

 (1) large supporting area, 150mm crawler grounding ratio of 75%, suitable for the soft, mud and other complex environmental operations, subsidence is small, rolling resistance

Small force, good off-road mobility.

(2) a very small radius of the steering, you can achieve situ turn.

(3) track surface support teeth, not easy to slip, traction adhesion performance is conducive to play a larger traction.

(4) chassis height of more than 140mm, with super climbing, obstacle capacity, can climb the stairs.

(5) body shell with 2mm 304 stainless steel, durable, the overall protective performance, deep like the majority of customers.

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