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Hall Sensor Module for ArduinoA magnetic field sensor based on Hall effect. Hall effect is a kind of magnetoelectric effect, which was discovered by Hall (a.h.hall, 1855-1938) in 1879 when he studied the conductive mechanism of metal. Later it was found that semiconductors and conductive fluids also..
Speed Mesure Photoelectric SensorProduct description:There is a photoelectric sensor and a phototransistor on both sides of the U-groove. The on state of the receiver determines whether the module outputs high level or low level. Then the speed of the motor can be inferred by the number of times the..
DGCH600 Universal robot chassis with square cube shock absorptionProduct parameters:1. Size: 460*630*232mm2. Ground clearance: 37mm3. Drive wheel diameter: 150mm4. Shock absorption mode: two-wheel independent suspension5. Total power: 90W*26. Motor type: DC brushless motor7. Drive mode: two-wheel in..
STEM Steam Education Three Layers Intelligent Smart Robot Car Body KitPackage list:3*Acrylic plate2*65mm wheel2*motor2*encoder plate2*omni wheel one bag of screws and nuts..
Switch Touch Sensor Module for steam educationModule description:Touch module is a capacitive touch switch module based on touch detection.Normally, the module outputs low level;When touching the corresponding position with fingers, the module will output high level.The module can be installed ..
Tilt Angle Sensor Switch Module for Arduino Product description:Ball level is also known as tilt angle vibration switch ball. There are two contacts in the switch, which trigger the circuit command through the inclination of beads (single or double beads) by 15 degrees. Most of them are used in..
Tracing IR sensor Module for ArduinoThe tracking module is used to transmit light to the road by the infrared transmitting tube. When the infrared light encounters black, it is absorbed. The receiving tube does not receive the reflected light and outputs high level. When the red light meets other co..
Traffic Light LED Display Module Red Yellow GreenDescription:This is a mini-traggic light display module, high brightness, very suitable for the production of traffic light system model.Module parameters:Working voltage: 3.3V~5VOutput size: digitial signalInterface mode: pH2.0~5PModule size: 58..
Product parameters:1. Motor voltage: 7-13V (measured at 12V)2. Rated power: 7W3. Rated current: 540mA4. Rated torque: 1.5kg.cm5. Stall current: 5.4A6. Stall torque: 15kg.m7. Original speed: 15000rpm8. No-load speed after deceleration: 15000rpm9. Encoder accuracy (gull number of pulses output from o..
U-Type Rotary Encoder Module for ArduinoProduct description:The rotary encoder is a device which can measure the rotating speed and realize the fast speed regulation with PWM technology. The photoelectric rotary encoder can convert the angular displacement, angular speed and other mechanical quantit..
Vibration Motor Sensor Module for Steam educationProduct description:It can be directly controlled by digital port, and the vibration intensity of motor can be controlled by PWM. Through this module, we can easily complete the conversion from electrical signal to mechanical vibration, which is suita..
Water Level Sensor Module for Steam EducationModule parameters:Working voltage: 3.3V~5VOutput type: Analog signalInterface mode: pH2.0~3PModule size: 77*25mmModule weight: 52g..
Wires,20cm.  male-tin ,1p(pack) 1 pack=100pcs If no special requirements,the color will be picked randomly. ..
4 in 1 Remote Control Block Set ROHS 4 in 1 Remote Control Block Set ROHS
2-3 Days
Include:Motorcycle + Trailer + Excavator + Engineering vehicle Specifications:Suitable for age:6 years old and aboveNumber of building blocks:127 tabletsProduct size:22*22*10cmNet Weight:23kgBatteries:Uses AAA*4 batteries, AA*2 batteries (not included)Motorcycle: Trailer : Excavator: Engineering Veh..
57mm x30mm x 30mm4xAA battery holdersupplied in re-sealable plastic bag..
DAGU launches several multimeters for  robot  beginners. These multimeter are carefully selected and fantastic value!  Larger the quantity, cheaper the price!! ..
Specification:Brand: MachifitType: Sliding RailGlide Path: Linear GuideMaterial: 45 SteelAccuracy Class: HSlide Fixed Way: Lock Type, Lock TypeFeatures:Non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, small size, transmission power of large, stable performance.Mainly used for industrial automation..
Technical parameter:1, the use of customized ultra quiet high-speed built-in fan motor;2, the base uses the jet anode oxidation treatment;3, using the European standard aluminum T type inner groove;4, the swing arm embedded into the hole;5, spindle box, Ma Daxiang, a hand wheel, a gear, small slide..
The module is a capacitive touch-type touch switch module based on a touch detection IC (TTP223B). Normally, the module outputs a low level and the mode is a low power mode. When the corresponding position is touched with a finger, the module will output a high level and the mode will switch to a f..
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