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DAGU launches several multimeters for  robot  beginners. These multimeter are carefully selected and fantastic value!  Larger the quantity, cheaper the price!! ..
Specification:Brand: MachifitType: Sliding RailGlide Path: Linear GuideMaterial: 45 SteelAccuracy Class: HSlide Fixed Way: Lock Type, Lock TypeFeatures:Non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, small size, transmission power of large, stable performance.Mainly used for industrial automation..
Technical parameter:1, the use of customized ultra quiet high-speed built-in fan motor;2, the base uses the jet anode oxidation treatment;3, using the European standard aluminum T type inner groove;4, the swing arm embedded into the hole;5, spindle box, Ma Daxiang, a hand wheel, a gear, small slide..
The module is a capacitive touch-type touch switch module based on a touch detection IC (TTP223B). Normally, the module outputs a low level and the mode is a low power mode. When the corresponding position is touched with a finger, the module will output a high level and the mode will switch to a f..
Description:The RPLIDAR A2 is a sleek, indoor, 360 degree 2D LIDAR. Each RPLIDAR A2 can take up to 8000 samples of laser ranging per second thanks to its high rotation speed. The on-board system can perform 2D 360° scans within a range of 12 meters (18m with a bit of firmware adjustment). Additiona..
180 degree rotation size:28*14*59.8mmspeed:0.13sec/60 degreetorque @ 4.8VG.W.:18g..
ProductDetailsInclude3KG servo of 2 PCComes with a small wrench, assembly instructions..
The length is 78cmThe width is 4.5cm.This metal chain is used for T'rex tank chassis..
Wires,20cm. female-tin ,1p(pack) 1 pack=100pcs If no special requirements,the color will be picked randomly. ..
2 DOF Servo Pan Tilt Bracket KitThis 2 degree of freedom small servo bracket is a small platform with high cost performance. It can make two degree of freedom movement in horizontal and vertical directions. It is convenient to install a mini camera, which can realize image monitoring, image recogiti..
Power input: +20V - +7VPower output: 5V/1A, 5V/5A, 3.3V/1AControl steering gear channel: 24Communication input: TTLActuator drive resolution: about 5US, about 0.45 degreesBaud rate setting: 115200Driving pulse range: 2500 - 500 Hardware protection:A)dual power supply voltage, one for the power supp..
Specification:   Diameter:127mmAxial width:29mmNumber of plates:2Number of rollers:22Body material:Aluminium alloyRoller material:RubberRoller bearing:Brass tubeRoller diameter:19mm New weight:480g Load capacity:30kg ..
Thickness:0.05~0.3mmMaterial diameter:1.75mmXY axis positioning accuracy:0.01mmZ axis positioning accuracy:0.002mmTends to consumables:PLA/TPU etc.Nozzle diameter:Standard 0.4mmMachine size:590*460*575mmMachine weight:32KGPackage Size:740*560*720mmPackage weight:40KGForming size:350*250*300mmprintin..
Suggested Voltage:4.5V DC No load Speed:140rpm No Load Current:190mA(max.250mA) min Size:20*20*64There gear motors, 130 model, 140 model, 260 model, 280 model and many other micro-motors, please consult contact!Use:There are scientific electronic products, electric robot body type,..
DAGU launches several multimeters for  robot  beginners. These multimeter are carefully selected and fantastic value!  Larger the quantity, cheaper the price!! ..
Product description:1. Molding:DLP light curing surface molding process2. Available materials: supporting independent research and development of photosensitive series, such as photosensitive resin, casting resin, light curing wax, ect. more material colors selected,such as white, emerald, red, ora..
Product specification:Molding process: DLP light curing surface molding processFormable materials: supporting self-developed series of photosensitive materials, such as photosensitive resin, casting resin, light-cured wax, etc.;more material color options, such as white, jade, red, orange, transpa..
Include:Biplane aircraft + Jet aircraft robotSpecifications:Suitable for age:6 years old and aboveNumber of building blocks:85 tabletsProduct Size :25*23.5*8.5cmWeight:18kgBatteries:Uses AAA*4 batteries, AA*2 batteries (Not included)Materials:ABSBiplane aircraft:Jet aircraft:..
RGB full color LED moduleModule parameters:1.PCB color: black2. Use 5mm full color ultra bright LED3. With current limiting resistor to prevent burnout LED4 can access a variety of microcontroller5. High light LED6. Operating voltage: 3.3V/5V7. Weight: 4g8. Can be used directly on the Arduino mothe..
OW004 & OW005 brass can plug into servos directy. Servo like RA001B & RA001C. no extra hub needed   size:40.4*9.8*36mmspeed:0.22sec/60 degreetorque @ 4.8VG.W.:48gBall raced with metal gears..
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