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Nexus series McNam Wheels introduced a light-load 100mm 45° caster. Each driven sheave incorporates two plastic racers, precision machining and control the slave axle shaft clearance within a very small range. Particularly suitable for driving applications of various small robots. Designed to provid..
The Nexus range of McNam wheels introduced a lightweight 127mm 45° caster with a series of rollers attached to its perimeter. The number of rollers, the profile of the rollers, the hub engineering and the diameter of the wheels are the key to a well-designed McNam wheel. Each type of caster has two ..
The Nexus series McNaum Wheels introduced a light-loaded 203mm 45° caster with two rolling bearings embedded in each driven sheave, precision machining and control of the small axle shaft clearance in a very small range, especially suitable for For a variety of small robot drive applications. Design..
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