Omni wheel steel ball+plastic house ROHS


nickel plated brass fittings to fit wheels on 4mm shaft(4pcs) ROHS


Pack of 4 all terrain wheels(silver color 4pcs) ROHS


Pack of 4 all terrain wheels(red color 4pcs) ROHS


Omni wheel-1 ROHS


Omni wheel-009 ROHS


Omni wheel-002 ROHS


Omni wheel003 ROHS


65mm wheels with brass hub acessorios(1pair) ROHS


Omni wheel Ow005 without hub ROHS


Omni wheel-7 (20*5mm) ROHS


Omni wheel-6(30*5mm) ROHS


Omni wheel-4 without hub, mechanical car robot tyre universal wheels accessories ROHS


Omni wheel-4 with hub ROHS


58mm LEGO NXT compatible omni wheel ROHS

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