WIFI video transmission kit ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: ECS000183
Availability: 999

Kit Includs:1 HD USB camera, 1 wireless router, 1 2 DOF pan tilt. 

Dimension: wireless router:5.7cm*5.7cm,

Camera and pan tilt: 11cm*8cm*6cm


Wireless router

◆ Stable version of openwrt,High-speed wifi vedio transmission.

◆ UART control signal output.

◆ High gain antenna, amplifying signal

◆ 150Mbps, 11N


Hd USB camera

◆ Perfectly compatible with openwrt

◆ 16 million pixels(software)

◆ CMOS Sersor

◆ Suppoting resolution 640*480,320*240

◆ Up to 30 frames per second 

◆ Microphone


 2 DOF pan tilt 

◆ 180 of free rotating horizontally and vertically


 Android of customer terminal 

◆ Real-time video disply  in Android phone. 

◆ Interfaces of controlling direction and pan tilt  

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