Jupiter Restaurant Robot ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: BJDG-3000
Availability: 999

Product introduction:

Cupid has the appearance of a Gold Warrior robot, as a delivery robot or a guided robot, equipped with a 9-inch quad-core tablet, and processing at a high speed.

With voice recognition, voice broadcast ordering system, front and back control.

Can replace some of the restaurant attendants for customer service, such as the robot to reach the designated table according to the settings, the guests will say some welcome words, display the corresponding expression, but also with the customer voice dialogue.

Tell jokes to customers:The customer automatically returns after the meal is taken, waiting for the next delivery!

The main function:

· Highly stable self-repair inspection line function, can identify different color tracks, low misjudgment rate, strong adaptability to the environment can use any PVC tape, no shape restrictions, convenient track laying, no expensive decoration costs, buy and use.

· Multi-sensor fusion technologies such as ultrasound, infrared, RFID, cameras, etc. Intelligent obstacle avoidance, precise positioning functions, and video transmission functions (final functions need to be increased or decreased according to customer needs or the actual situation of the restaurant).

· Manually operated wireless remote control mode for easy handling and outdoor exhibitions to attract customers.

· The use of industrial brushless gear motor, stable operation, low noise, longer service life.

· The use of lead-acid batteries, 24V low voltage power supply is safe and stable, with strong endurance.

· Colorful LED indicator to attract customers eye, you can do instructions, steering instructions, power indicator and troubleshooting features.

Technical Parameters:

Size: 110cm x 66cm x 42cm

Weight: 35KG

Pallet load: 8KG delivery method: patrol line, positioning

Obstacle Avoidance: Ultrasound, Infrared Human-Computer Interaction: Tablet Interface, Voice Control Operating System: Android

Running speed: 0.5~1.2m/s (adjustable)

Life time: 6~8 hours

Charging time: 4~6 hours

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