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 Weight:38gSize:40.8 x 20 x 39.5 mmTorque:5.5 kg/cm(4.8V)Speed:0.20sec/60°Gear Type:NormalMotor Type:NormalOperating Voltage Range:4.8v-6vOperating Temperature Range:0℃-60℃Current:<1000mADead Bend Width:10 usecConnector Wire Length:290mm ..
180 degree rotation size:28*14*59.8mmspeed:0.13sec/60 degreetorque @ 4.8VG.W.:18g..
OW004 & OW005 brass can plug into servos directy. Servo like RA001B & RA001C. no extra hub needed   size:40.4*9.8*36mmspeed:0.22sec/60 degreetorque @ 4.8VG.W.:48gBall raced with metal gears..
Size: 22.8*11.6*23.6mmWeight: 9gSpeed:0.12sec/60°at (4.5V) / 0.10sec/60°at(6.0V) (4.5V) / (6.0V)..
(1) body parametersHeight: 365mm;Weight: about 1.68KG (with battery);Joint: A total of 17 joint; head: one degree of freedom, arms six degrees of freedom, the legs 10 degrees of freedom;Load new robot dedicated 24-channel high-end digital servos and robot controllers, with special lithium polymer r..
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