Key digital LED display module 8-bit digital LED button compatible with Ardiuno/51 ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: M001
Availability: 999

Includes the following parts:

1, 8 buttons,

2, 8 LEDs

3, 8-bit digital tube, common cathode LED digital tube;

4, can be directly connected with the STC and other microcontrollers;

5, provide ardiuno driver;

The chip used in this module is TM1638, which integrates the common peripheral circuits of the above three kinds of single-chip microcomputers.

The biggest feature is that it only needs to occupy three IO ports of the single-chip microcomputer to drive.

Scanning display and key scan do not require microcontroller intervention, and only need to read and write the relevant registers to display.

Data or test button to save MCU resources. Purchase this module to provide an example program.

Wiring method:

Connect VCC GND to the 5V power supply;connect STB CLK DIO to the IO port of the microcontroller.

Shipping list:

1. Press the digital tube LED display module 1 piece anti-static belt packaging

2.20CM connection to DuPont line 5

3. With Ardiuno, C51 driver code and other information:

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