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Sensors & Modules

Sensors & Modules
Power supply 3~5V;Anti-light interference;White LED, can control bright and off;Detects the color of non-illuminating objects;The best detection distance is 1cm...
Features:Input voltage 3.3v ~ 6v, module with 3V LDO voltage regulatorSupport AT command set the baud rate, name, pair passwordSearch and pairing automatically when the power upPower, link status indicator4pin  2.54 Pitch status indicatorNote:The default communication baud rate is 9600, matchin..
1. Product feature : HC-SR04 ultrasonic module can offer non-contact distance sensing function, the range of which is 2cm—400cm., and the range accuracy is up to 2mm; the module includes ultrasonic transmitter, receiver and control circuit. The basic operation principle is below: (1)use IO port TRIG..
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