17 degrees of freedom dancing robot full set of humanoid robot ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DG028
Availability: 999

(1) body parameters

Height: 365mm;

Weight: about 1.68KG (with battery);

Joint: A total of 17 joint; head: one degree of freedom, arms six degrees of freedom, the legs 10 degrees of freedom;

Load new robot dedicated 24-channel high-end digital servos and robot controllers, with special lithium polymer rechargeable battery and charger.

(2) on the support structure 

Whole body with a thickness of 1mm aluminum finishing from hard, some stents made to strengthen the side handle, making the cradle not only light weight and high strength. Between each of the joints are carefully designed by the engineer and measurement, so that the robot leg structure is more reasonable. Portion of the stent designed to be integrated structure, which greatly facilitates the assembly robot, saving time and energy.

(3) on the power system 

Biaxial robot digital servos LD-2015, section steering torque, high precision, virtual bit small, zero dead zone, so that the robot's movements more agile, neat!

(4) on controller


1. The steering servo controller can run online debugging, you can save the download action group to implement offline operation! PC software can provide 128 (0-127) group action group Save, where each action can be saved 256 action, enough for your use!

2. The servo controller can communicate with other microcontrollers, but the device can not send commands to the controller, so that you can implement intelligent robot control, such as obstacle avoidance, tracking, voice and so on. We will provide 51 single-chip communications test procedures.

3. The servo controller can handle PS2 remote control, without programming, you can pass the keys on the handle, to call you to download a good action groups.

The latest addition to the servo tuning function, with handle for easy control of a 6-DOF manipulator or below 6 degrees of freedom. Just press the button, the corresponding servos will forward or reverse, from the control of the robotic arm is no longer a worry!

5. overload protection function, 0, 1, 16, 17, which has a 1.5A per channel 4 overload, playing robot friend, you can choose these connected on the road. The remaining pins, each side is 8A current protection, short circuit and burn can be avoided because the control panel.

6. Low alarm function, when VSS terminal voltage is lower than 7V, the buzzer will issue a "bit" sound to remind you need to charge the battery and control panel to stop working to protect your lithium battery, avoid over discharge occurs.

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