Mini leonardo board with motor driver

Brands DAGU
Product Code: RS040-L3
Availability: 99

1, MCU: ATmega32U4, more internal resources

2, input voltage range: 6V-12.6V, LM2676 can provide up to 3.6A current, can support multiple servos to ensure normal operation

3, onboard high performance dual 5A integrated H-bridge motor driver External PWM control signal, high temperature automatic protection, can continue to work when the temperature is lower than the protection value

4, Bluetooth module interface (equipped with Otani electronic Bluetooth module), can communicate with mobile phones, computers

5, using micro USB compatibility is better, 324U4 chip comes with a serial port, compatible with arduino.

6, MOSFET anti-reverse circuit

7, rich power supply, signal interface, IO port full lead, easy to develop

8, overload protection circuit

9, the motor interface

10, the servo interface, no external circuit board, straight plug

11, size: 75MM*40MM*1.6MM

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