Arduino UNO expansion board(with motor driver and 5V)

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DAGU209
Availability: 99

1. suitable for arduino UNO Board, Quick Disassembly, Simple and Convenient

2. Input voltage range: 6V-12.6V, it can provide 3.6A maximum current, which can support multiple steering motors to ensure normal operation.

3. On-board high performance continuous current 3A (peak output current 5A) H bridge motor driver can be connected with PWM control signal.

4. Bluetooth module interface, which can communicate with mobile phones and computers, and also support ACP220 Plug and Play.

5. Motor Input Voltage Optional Battery Input Voltage and Voltage Stabilization 5V Input

6. MOSFET Anti-Reverse Circuit

7. Rich power supply and signal interface, all IO ports are introduced, which is convenient for development.

8. Overload Protection Circuit

9. Motor Interface

10. Actuator interface, no external circuit board, straight plug

11. Size: 68.5MM*53.5MM*1.6MM

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