Two-wheeled Self-balancing Carriage Double-wheeled Vehicle Frame Smart Car Chassis Balance Car Base ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DG031
Availability: 99

Product parameters:

1. Motor voltage: 7-13V (measured at 12V)

2. Rated power: 7W

3. Rated current: 540mA

4. Rated torque:

5. Stall current: 5.4A

6. Stall torque: 15kg.m

7. Original speed: 15000rpm

8. No-load speed after deceleration: 15000rpm

9. Encoder accuracy (gull number of pulses output from one revolution of the wheel): 500*30

10. Reduction ratio: 1:30

11. Encoder supply voltage: 3.3-5V

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