Steering Front Axle DGZX2 (Servo Type) Trolley Model Steering System Handmade Material Front Wheel Steering Assembly ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DGZX2
Availability: 99

Product parameters: 

1. Product size: 13.5*6*4.5cm

2. Adaptive wheel: 2.5mm wheel diameter

3. Return function: None (Automatic reset after steering)

4. Drive motor: 9g servo (4.8V-6V)

5. Servo speed: No load 0.12 seconds/60 degrees (4.8V)

6. Stall torque: 1.2-1.4kg/cm (4.8V)


The use of servo and ordinary DC motor is different, the middle of the red line - positive, brown - gegative, orange line - signal (usually can use the MCU or RC remote receiver to provide signals, when receiving continuous signal before it spins).

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