DGTP100 Tracked Tank Chassis DIY Robot Tracking Arduino ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DGTP100
Availability: 99

Product description:

This tank chassis is a new product just launched. The new aluminum alloy frame structrue is beautiful and firm and stable.

It adopts dual motors (the motor is with speed feedback circuit,

Hall speed measurement) driven by power, strong power, fast and smooth operation, and high stability of the chassis of the vehicle.

Can be forward and backward, turn left and turn right, turn around in place, turn flexible and other outstanding features.

Product parameters: 

1. Material: Aluminum Alloy

2. Surface treatment: sandblast oxidation

3. Color: gold or silver

4. Track: Engineering Plastics

5. Motor: 9V motor with encoder

6. Size: about 200*190*80 (length * width * height)

7. Operating boltage: 9V-12V

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