Square Cube Universal Robot Chassis

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DGCH600
Availability: 9

DGCH600 Universal robot chassis with square cube shock absorption

Product parameters:
1. Size: 460*630*232mm
2. Ground clearance: 37mm
3. Drive wheel diameter: 150mm
4. Shock absorption mode: two-wheel independent suspension
5. Total power: 90W*2
6. Motor type: DC brushless motor
7. Drive mode: two-wheel independent drive
8. Speed: 0~0.6m/s (can be adjustable)
9. Load: 100kg
10. The maximum climb capability: 12 degree (full power)
11. The maximum height of obstacle crossing: 10mm
12. Battery: 24V 20AH lithium battery pack, lasting about 5 hours, standby about 12 hours
13. Sensor: Lidar
14. Charging pile: Input voltage: 100~240V AC 50~60H
                           Current: 5A

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