All-wheel Differential Chassis All Aluminum Alloy ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DG034
Availability: 99

Product parameter: 

Size (length, width, height): 240X185X65mm;

Car weight: 806g (The above advertised load capacity does not include weight);

Steering mode: differential;

Drive mode: rear wheel dual motor drive 0 2;

Driven wheel: aluminum alloy omnidirectional wheel (completely solves the instability caused by ordinary caster steering);

Floor material: aluminum alloy;

Motor power: 7W;

Motor working voltage: 7~13V;

Encoder operating voltage: 5V;

Encoder accuracy: The wheel rotates one revolution, the 30 reduction ratio can output 1560 transition edges, and the 10 reduction ratio can output 520 transition edges.

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