3WD omni wheel robot platform with Autonomous Navigation SLAM ROHS

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 About Omni wheel

Omni wheels, similar to Mecanum wheels, are wheels with small discs around the circumference which are perpendicular to the turning direction.


About 3WD robot platform


Our platform employs three omni wheels in a triangular configuration. The omni wheels are driven by DC motor with encoders, allowing rotation and movement in any direction simultaneously. The platform is navigated by Laser Lidar, laser lidar can be used for Robot Autonomous Localization and navigation. 


Meanwhile, there are series of sensors mounted on our robot platform, like Sonar sensors, IR Sensors and Bumper Sensors.  The Sonar sensor is a kind of ultrasonic rangefinder which can be used to detect obstacles; IR sensor has the ability of parallax distance measurement and usually used as a fall-arrest detector; bumper sensor can alert you of unseen obstacles in its way and make it turn around. 


The platform can be used in intelligent robot research for small autonomous robots. In projects such as VEX RoboticsRobocup and FIRST Robotics, many robots use platform of this kind to have the ability to move in all directions. Also the platform can be used for service robot, the platform can sustain 50kg weight totally.



What’s more important, we can customize the robot platform for different size to meet your requirements.




· 3 wheel drive

· Aluminum Omni wheel

· Aluminum alloy frame

· Capable of rotation


· Includes 8meter Laser Lidar, Ultrasonic sensors

· With STM32F107 microcontroller and IO expansion board

· Programmable with C,C++



· Appearance: Circle

· Dimension: 420mm*420mm*300mm

· Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

· Speed: 0.6m/s

· Power: 180W Load

· Capacity: 50kg

· Net Weight : 15kg


What’s in the Box:

· 3WD Aluminum Omni-wheel X 3

· 24V DC Motor with encoder X 3

· STM32F107 Controller X1

· STM32F107 IO Expansion X1

· 8 meter Laser Lidar X1

· Ultrasonic Range Finders X 3

· 24V24AH NI-MH Battery X 1

· 24V Charger X1

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