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Arduino Magician Chassis

This kit include  robot chassis ,S4A EDU controllerUltrasonic module,encoder kit and PS2 remote...
1:48 gear motors 1 pairsWheels 1 pairsMaterial bagMaterial bagBattery holder (you can choose 1 from these):4XAA with DC head/5XAA with 2 PINS female head the kit containstwo platform assemblytwo wheels with tires with a diameter of 65 mmtwo dc motors with gearsmetal slug podporowametal and plastic c..
DG007-L 2-wheel robot chassis: the starting point for your Dagu robot!The DG007-L 2-wheel robot chassis is one of the most important components of the Dagu mobile robot. Magician Chassis for Dagu robots consists of: 2*DG01D 48:1 gearmotors2*wheels with rubber tyres1*omni wheel1*battery holderTool an..
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