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Line tracer kit

Line tracer kit
Tutorial link: Trainer Kit:As with most of our Arduino based products, this kit is also best suited for kids 12+ that are just learning about electronics and programm..
Each kit comes in a colour printed box with English instruction manual and software on CD. Programming cable supplied separately. Features:Detailed assembly manual, screwdriver and spanner included.Quality aluminium chassis with clear acrylic body panels and rubber tires.Gear box can be assembled ..
Introduction:There is a 16mm wide black reack on the white ground. Our track car can run automatically along the black track. No matter how curved the track is, the car can be driven automatically. We all know that when the light source hits a white obect and a black object, the light reflectance ..
​The plate is made of wood.Including:3D assembly drawing(1 sheet)Car chassis(1pcs)EMC geared motors 1:48(2pcs)Wheels( 2pcs)High-preision 20-wire speed encoder(2pcs)Fasteners(4pcs)Universal wheel (1pcs)Long screws(4pcs)Short screws(8 long, 2 short)Nuts(10pcs)..
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