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Omni Wheel Chassis

Omni Wheel Chassis
Product parameters: 1. Mechanical dimensions: 24cm*5.8cm2. Operating Voltage: 6-12V3. Rated current: 600mA4. Stall current: 8A5. Continuous torque:  3Kg.cm6. Stall torque: 8Kg.cm7. Chassis weight: 6kg8. Motor speed: 200rpm9. Reduction ratio: 1:7810. Encoder pulse number: 13CPR (Hall); 360CPR (photoe..
Product Features:1. The three-wheel drive platform uses omnidirectional wheel technology to achieve full-scale movement: vertical and horizontal movements2. Proide enough space for sensors, controllers, etc.3. Less accessories, easy to install.Product Parameters: 1. Omindirectional wheel material:..
Product parameters: Fixed load capacity: 3kg;Light load speed: 1.2m/s (meters per second);Turn radius: 0m;Omnidirectional wheel material: aluminum alloy;Coupling material: aluminum alloy;Floor material: Acrylic;Chassis diameter: 234mm;Rated motor voltage: 12V;Reduction ratio 1:30;Encoder: rotates th..
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