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6WD motor switch board (power), electronic design,high power swith ROHS

6WD motor switch board (power), electronic design,high power swith ROHS
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The request of our customers we have now produced a high current, solid state switch

for use with Wild Thumper products. Although designed specifically for the Wild Thumper chassis’s this switch can be used with any robot that needs to switch high currents.

Solid state switches are small, quiet, have no moving parts and do not suffer from arcing,

burnt contacts or fused contacts.

As the onboard switch may not always be convieniently located there is now a socket so that an external low power switch can be connected. Just leave the onboard switch in the “off” position to use the external switch.

This switch can also be controlled via a computer. With the grounds connected and at least 1V applied to the “+” input the switch will be turned on. Leaving this pin open circuit or grounded will turn the switch off.


Battery voltage: 6V -24V

Current rating: 10A continuous – No heatsink

Current rating: 30A continuous – Chassis used as heatsink with heat transfer compound.

Current rating: 60A continuous – Heavy duty heatsink, fan and heat transfer compound.

Digital input: 1V – 24V

When used with Wild Thumper chassis’s the switch uses the aluminium chassis for a heatsink giving it a 30A continuous rating. Under normal operating conditions the 6WD chassis should only draw about half of this.

Schematic Diagram:

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