Silver solder wire 3ps/1 set ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DG014
Availability: 999

Product Description

Hobby and industrial robots alike are machines that are constantly moving and subject to vibration. 

To ensure good reliability it is important to use a good quality lead free solder. 

DAGU brand solder is 3% silver, 0.5% copper and 96.5% tin (SAC305) as recommended by JEITA for wave and reflow soldering. 

This solder has very good electrical conductivity, a melting point of 217-220C and is RoHS compliant. 


DIA: 0.8mm Flux: LC-1 2.0%

Net weight: 11.0 g

High-conductivity, low-resistance and for strong solder joints at arelatively low melting point.

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